Senior SZN


Written and Photographed by Tatiana Serrano|

Everyone wants to know who’s going to win class clown, most likely to be successful or even best car. Senior Sage Follo, editor of the yearbook and Library Media Specialist Shannon Robinson, faculty adviser to the yearbook, work together with the yearbook staff to produce our yearbook.

Mrs. Robinson said her greatest challenge is time management because it is challenging “getting students to follow through with deadlines and trying to make everyone happy and getting in everyone’s ideas.” With her yearbook staff’s help, she ensures every single student in the school is included at least three times. According to Mrs. Robinson, “65% of the kids were highlighted last year.”

Mrs. Robinson explained her priorities: “Seniors always come first.” Mrs. Robinson explained that “certain sections in sports, highlight seniors on team school stuff. We really try to make seniors pop.” She goes on to say that usually, the entire first third of the yearbook is only seniors. To make it unique, Mrs. Robinson lets the students pick and choose senior superlatives. It’s obviously a very challenging process since so many of our seniors like to express themselves. She has to keep in mind that 30 years from now some of what is humorous today might not be as humorous. She tries to make the yearbook a positive memento that seniors will cherish. 

Senior Sage earned her spot as senior editor by working on the yearbook staff in past years. She said senior superlatives have been on her mind for a couple years now. Sage said, “Basically from the end of last year to the first few months of school, I’ve had a tentative list of superlatives that I liked.” She proceeded to share her thoughts and ideas with Mrs. Robinson.

After they revised the list, Sage shared it with the yearbook staff. The staff also created a senior superlative list which Sage mixed in with hers. Sage said, she and Mrs. Robinson “looked through them and made decisions on which ones would be fun and different because we wanted to have new, fresh superlatives that haven’t been done before or would not cause any controversy.”

Her ideas ended up being complicated due to so many student requests. Sage made a list which she then shared with the senior class for a vote. Many seniors were upset with the choices. Sage was surprised at the response of the senior class. She used it as a learning experience. After hearing the criticism, she learned that not everyone can be pleased.

Below is a video of some of the seniors sharing their yearbook wills and quotes.

The yearbook staff works hard to make sure senior information is accurate, so seniors please make sure you return your quotes and wills with any and all corrections to Mrs. Robinson by Wednesday, November 20th, 2019.