Welcome to Hell


Not able to get into the library to do your homework? No wonder! Ms. Frydenborg and her freshmen English honors students are hosting an exhibition of their Inferno Projects. Students were assigned to read the classical story by Dante Alighieri called The Inferno. The Inferno is one third of his entire book, The Divine ComedyThe Inferno is focused of Dante’s own journey through the 9 circles of hell with his guide. During his journey through hell, he placed people and historical figures within the circles of hell he thought they belonged in for the sins they committed. 

Ms. Frydenborg assigned to everyone a project where they would replace Dante’s sinners with current people who would fit the sins. Students had about three weeks to prepare a written explanation of the people they put in their version of hell and provide a visual to be shown at the exhibition in the library. Her students had a variety of different style projects as well as tons of people who are guilty of sins to put in their hell.  On June 5, 2013 and June 6,  the students displayed their projects during C and G periods.

After having gone to both of the classes on the first day I concluded that all of the projects were great.  Students put a lot of effort and time into the projects. Some students even stayed up through many nights to get all of the work done. In previous years projects mainly consisted of 3D models of hell, this year though, the scrapbooks dominated out of all the projects made. It was exciting for all of the freshmen to finally see what they and their friends had done. Ms. Frydenborg and the teachers were impressed by the quality of the projects and the artistic talent that was displayed.

Mrs. Hagness said that The Inferno project is like a right of passage for many of the freshmen English students. It requires strict time management and discipline. Many students learn that procrastination does not work with projects of this size and had to work late nights to get it done, but they managed.