Welcome, Mrs. Fox!


Written by Sarah Williams |
Photos by Sarah Williams |

Another new staff member; Mrs. Fox has joined the Morgan Team. It was an opportunity that she could not pass up.

Mrs. Fox
Mrs. Fox

Mrs. Fox is our new face at Morgan. She helps students with a variety of subjects. She comes from many places around the world including Spain, England, and Virginia. She loves to bake and be involved in theatre. As a staff member, she helps students with all types of subjects as well as English and history.

Mrs. Fox has many degrees from many schools that gave her an opportunity to get this spot at Morgan. They include a master’s degree in education from the University of New Haven and a degree from Virginia as well as a degree from UConn. Helping students is one thing she partakes in, but she also created the Morgan Academic Center for students to get the help they need. Some other schools she has worked at are Coventry’s Captain Nathan Hale Middle School and also Colchester Middle School.

Mrs. Fox loves helping her students and hopes to improve their literacy skills, as she takes on the making of the academic center. She loves her job and her students. Welcome, Mrs. Fox!

D collab room
D21 Collaborative Room