Morgan’s Freshman Student Council


Written by Sarah Williams |
Photos by Sarah Williams |

Our freshman student council officers have lots of ideas for changing The Morgan School environment.

Jeet Patel

Freshman treasurer Jeet Patel likes Morgan. His transition was great. Jeet chose to be treasurer because he helps out at a shop manned by his father. Because he does that, he knows how to count money. Some of his ideas for changing this school as a freshman officer is to have people communicate to someone they have never talked to and contribute to more pep-rallies.

Caroline King
Caroline King
Vice President

Freshman vice president is Caroline King. She said that S.T.E.P helped her get used to the school’s atmosphere. Also, some of the work was hard to deal with at the beginning of school. The main goal that she has for the freshman class is improved communication. Caroline said,”having people get involved is key.” She chose to be vice president instead of president because she didn’t want to be too out there, as she thought she didn’t want to make those big decisions for herself.

Seamus Staunton
Class President

Freshman president Seamus Staunton’s goals are to make the student body happy and address student complaints. One of the only reasons he chose to become president was because it “sounded cool and fun.” He has no complaints about his transition from Eliot to Morgan. He said the S.T.E.P program helped lots of students.

A class meeting is yet to be scheduled this year, but there is a Google Classroom for the class of 2023. The freshman class is now taking over the Morgan School.