Parents in the Morgan School


Written and Photos by Kristina Bergman|

Here at Morgan, there are many teachers that have children in the school. One of these parents is English Teacher Brooke Mazzarella and her son freshman Dylan Mazzarella. Mrs. Mazzarella said that overall she loves that her son gets to go to a beautiful school like Morgan. She enjoys knowing that her son is safe at all times. Dylan said that he is fine with having his mom in the school but does feel slightly strange about it. Dylan also mentioned how she seems to find everything out, and he gets in trouble more.

When she has Dylan’s friends in her classes she tries to differentiate being Dylan’s mom from being Mrs. Mazzarella. She mentioned that when they come over to her house, she doesn’t ask them if they did the homework but rather tries to be Dylan’s mom.

This year Dylan was put in Mrs. Mazzarella’s study hall. When he is in there she wants to tell her son to do his homework instead of playing games. But, when she looks around her room, she sees that the rest of the students in her study hall are playing games as well. She doesn’t want to be tougher on Dylan then she is on her other students.

Another teacher with a child in the school is Mathematics Teacher John Madura and his son, sophomore Ethan Madura.

Ethan said when he first saw his father in the school he felt surprised. Ethan’s mother Math Coach, Katherine Madura, was a teacher at Joel while Ethan was a student there which made having a parent in the school familiar. Ethan also mentioned that having his dad in his school helped make the transition from Eliot to Morgan much easier than if he did it on his own.

Mr. Madura said that having a child in the school system allows him to feel for the parents and understand the experience that the students in Clinton go through. Teaching in the same school as his son gives Mr. Madura the confidence that Ethan is getting a good education and is safe. Mr. Madura’s main concern was that he didn’t want Ethan to feel weird about having his dad in his school. The only change to his overall schedule is that he gets to school later then he did before because he now has the responsibility of driving Ethan to school.

Another parent and child here at the Morgan School is English Teacher Eric Bergman, and me, his daughter, freshman Kristina Bergman.

Mr. Bergman said that he always thought of his students as much older than his children. He feels astonished that his students are the same age or only a couple of years older than his daughter. He mentioned that it’s important to respect the space of his colleagues by not asking them about his daughter and her grades.

Mr. Bergman tries his best to watch the line between being Kristina’s dad and being Mr. Bergman. His overall routine has changed slightly as he is now taking his daughter, me, and her friend to and from school every day.