Stay True To Yourself


Ms. Laterra

Written by Kayla Maloney |

June 26, 2013, will be a big day for seniors here at The Morgan School. They will be receiving their high school diploma. Since summer will wrap up quickly, college is awaiting these students. The Morgan faculty offers advice for these students:

  • “Go on adventures!”- Ms. Laterra
  • “Work hard and try to get a trust fund!”- Mr. Samet
  • “Pick your friends wisely, and keep close to your parents. Be careful!”- Mrs. Shugrue
  • “Students should avail themselves to their surroundings. There are many speakers and multiple opportunities for students, and they don’t always consider it. They should get involved in social aspects. They can talk to professors and people who are experts in their fields.”- Mr. Serenbetz
  • “Don’t forget who you are, where you came from, and who you grew up with. Never let a falling friend stay down.” -Mr. Gersz
  • “Make good decisions, your reputation is the only thing you can claim as your own.”- Ms. Rizzo
  • “Pack lightly, and don’t forget to bring your summer clothes.”- Ms. Neri
  • “Respect your parents and yourself. Get a job in the summer if you can for extra spending money. Take out student loans and pay it back; this will gain you respect. Have fun, and it will pay off. Thank the men and women in the armed forces, if it wasn’t for them we wouldn’t have this freedom!”- The lunch ladies
  • “Make sure you have good time management. Prioritize, it’s a whole new world with lots of free time. Get involved in activities and clubs on campus; make sure you stay in communication with your adviser about graduation requirements about each semester to stay on track. Take advantage of the academic centers; if needed seek help!”- Mrs. Kurek from guidance
  • “Get involved in campus activities, be campus wise. Do everything you can to get at least a 3.0 in the first semester.” – Mr. Jacobson
  • “Take all the good you’ve got from the teachers and faculty here and stay true to yourself.”‘ -Mrs. Rivas

Seniors, be prepared for the college life. Take some of this advice with you as you start your future.