Kicking off the New School year


Written by Samantha Wayne|
Pictures by Caitlin Rohrbacher, Victoria Le, Carrie Roscick, Sarah Williams and Kiara Suarez|

Morgan staff and students started the new school year with a positive message along with events that got everyone excited for the new year. This year, Principal Keri Hagness introduced a new theme for the 2019-2020 school year: “Be a Force For Good.” This theme was announced at the school’s opening assembly on the first day of school, Wednesday 8/28. At this assembly, Senior Mya Yetso shared the video that she created for STEP: All About Morgan.

On Thursday 9/12, Morgan held an open house from 6-8 pm to give parents the opportunity to follow their children’s schedule, meet some of their teachers, and gain knowledge of the information that their children will be learning throughout the school year.

The school kicked off the new year with a pep rally on Friday, September 13th at the end of the school day. All the players from each fall sports team participated by creating a dance to perform in front of the whole school, while other students in the stands supported their school’s teams. This event made everyone, players, students, and staff included, excited about the future of the fall sports teams and even made tons of people thrilled to go see these teams play in their games.

Here at Morgan, there are many opportunities to be involved in extracurricular activities. Guidance Counselor Joni Zdunczyk organized our annual club fair held on Tuesday 9/17 during advisory. This gave all the students an opportunity to learn about the clubs at Morgan.