My Guy: The Wandering Kessler keeps us safe


Written by Mike Zingarella and Anthony Staffa|

This 2019-2020 school year, The Morgan School has added many new faculty members. One new addition is ISS and hall monitor Bob Kessler.

In addition to his work here at Morgan, he also is a coach at Guilford High School for the school’s football team. Mr. Kessler’s new dynamic of working both at Morgan and coaching for Guilford has proven to be an interesting change for him.

Mr. Kessler said the change, “is a bit strange. I’m used to coaching and teaching in the same building and also building a strong relationship with the student-athletes, I find the student-athletes here friendly and easy to converse with, and have great attitudes”.

Mr. Kessler wants to make an impact here at Morgan. He said, “my overall goal is to improve any school environment and culture I come in contact with, and I am fortunate here to start at a very high level, always trying to improve the place around me”.

Students have had mixed reactions about the new hall monitor. Senior Maggie Guba said, “I don’t personally agree with the concept of a hall monitor, but I have nothing against Mr. Kessler as a person since I do not know him. I feel as though the school is making these changes very suddenly without much explanation for their reasoning”.

Junior Andrew Beauchamp said, “ The authorities in our school want everywhere in the school to be supervised because we get treated like we are 6” in terms of feelings as an elementary schooler.”

Principal Keri Hagness said, “Hall monitors are needed in any school. I think it is an opportunity to ensure that students and staff are able to be in class, and then if there’s any situation that occurs that we have someone who is able to address that.”

In response to students’ feeling as though they are being treated like elementary schoolers, Mrs. Hagness said, ” I don’t think elementary school is what it would be.” She said, “I think it is more of an issue with safety.” She stated that since malls and other public spaces also have security guards, “it’s more of eyes and the ability to address something if it comes up.”

Mrs. Hagness explained that having a presence in the hall is not just to address discipline. It could be that “someone’s not feeling well.” She explained that there are many large open areas at Morgan. Mr. Kesler is another person who can address any issues that arise. She also agreed that most students do what they are expected and supposed to do.

At the end of the day, Morgan has a new hall monitor whether the students like it or not.