A New Face at Morgan: Mr. Bean


Written by Mason Carey |

Mr. Bean is the new World Language teacher here at Morgan. He is a split-staffer, meaning that he spends the beginning part of the day at Eliot, and then teaches at Morgan for the end of the day. He also is the Junior Varsity Boys Basketball Coach at Morgan, as well as the Track and Field coach at Westbrook High School.

Mr. Bean attended Westbrook High School, and then went on to The University of Connecticut as a major in World Language. He also spent a year abroad in Spain, which influenced him, along with other factors, to become a Spanish Teacher.

Mr. Bean was influenced by his former Spanish teacher Mr. Synott, who works for Clinton’s Park and Rec Department as well. When he started substitute teaching at Westbrook High School, he said, “that’s when I realized it was what I wanted to do.”

His favorite part of Morgan so far is the campus-like environment that the new Morgan School has to offer. He also likes the maturity of his students. He said they are easier to deal with and overall less chaotic. The thing that made him most comfortable moving into Morgan was seeing the same faces that he did last year. He didn’t have to worry about students he didn’t know. It was one less thing to worry about.

From Westbrook High School to UCONN, to Eliot and then to Morgan, Mr. Bean continues to make an impact on education.