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From the Middle School to High School: Mrs. Hagewood


Written by Victoria Le|

Morgan welcomes social studies teacher Mrs. Hagewood from Jared Eliot Middle School. She taught 8th grade U.S. History and continues to teach U.S. History and Civics at Morgan.

Before Mrs. Hagewood worked in Clinton Public Schools, she did a two-year internship at Region 5 at Bethany Middle School while she was in graduate school earning her masters. Clinton Public Schools was the first district she worked at as a full time teacher.

When she moved to the high school from middle school, she said, “It was different, but I know a lot of the kids, so in terms of understanding personalities and getting to know them, that part was easy. Adjusting to behaviors of high school students versus middle school is a little bit different, definitely less behavior management on my part with the high school.”

Mrs. Hagewood is teaching some of her former students again. She describes it as “interesting, and it’s fun. I like to see where they are at now because from 8th grade to 11th grade, that’s a big jump. They change, they mature, their friend groups are different, so I really enjoy that aspect of it and seeing progress.”

Her experience at Morgan has been “fun. I like seeing kids that I’ve had in the past that I normally don’t get to see. People have been really helpful and the administration has been very supportive.”

Something she does miss about the middle school is her classroom, “I do like middle school age. I think there’s that age where there’s a lot of influence you can have, but I also am adjusting to this, and I have great classes. I like the new experience of a different age.”

At Eliot, she had many teacher friends. When she was moved to the high school, she said, “I wouldn’t say that they’re affected per say. It’s just that our conversations are different now. I don’t talk to them as often, so it’s that part of it that’s the hardest.”

The reason why she taught history is because of a professor in college: “He was very passionate about it, and the way he delivered the information was very interesting, so after that class I started taking a lot of different history courses and really got into it.”

Everyone please welcome Mrs. Hagewood to the new high school.

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