First Team All-Shoreline Spring 2019


Written By Ford Pender |

On all sports teams, Morgan athletes work very hard and perform to the best of their ability. A few athletes set higher goals for themselves and achieve All Shorelines. All-Shoreline is based on performance in divisional games.

For Morgan Girls Lacrosse, Junior Madeline Stopkoski received First Team All-Shoreline this 2019 Spring Season. Madeline has been playing lacrosse for 7 years. She began in 4th grade and has been playing club lacrosse for 6 years. Last year’s lacrosse season Madeline received Second Team All-Shoreline. Madeline stated, “I really wanted to get first team,but, in order to do that, I had to work hard on the offseason. I pushed myself every practice and game to be the best player I can be.” Madeline also played year-round lacrosse for different teams.

According to Madeline, she believed she received this award because “at the beginning of the season I set a goal for myself, and after sophomore year, I really wanted to improve on my overall offense. This season I worked really hard on creating opportunities for myself.” Madeline worked very hard on and off the field so she could meet her goals. She feels she deserves this award because she thinks it just comes down to hard work and dedication to the sport. Madeline feels as if she has proven herself with the work she has put in on the offseason.

Madeline Stopkoski

On the Morgan Boys Lacrosse team, two senior boys received the First Team All-Shoreline award for this 2019 spring season. The student-athletes who received this award are Mike Savage and Ford Pender. They received this award because they went above and beyond during the season, and their performance stood out during their divisional games.

Defensemen Mike Savage has been playing lacrosse for 9 years. Mike believes he got first team because he felt as if he earned it and was confident that he was better than everyone else. Mike said, “I achieved this award by really competing with everyone else in our division, forcing big plays when we needed them and helping our team be successful.” Mike was a very big advocate for the successful season. He is a strong, determined defenseman on the field and pushes himself and everyone else to their limits. Mike said he deserves this award because “I really proved myself to our division and our team”.

Mike Savage

I, offensive midfielder Ford Pender, played lacrosse for 8 years. I received First Team All-Shoreline because I pushed myself to be a big threat on offense this year, and I worked on and off the field to my full potential. I knew I wasn’t going to get better just practicing with my team. In my free time, I worked on my shot and passing in my backyard for hours. I had never done this in the past. That extra practice made me a more confident and lethal player on the field.

Ford Pender

Congratulations to Chris Nuzzo on the Moran Tennis Team for also being awarded First Team All-Shoreline.