What Were You Doing on Husky Helper Day?


By Lele Nguyen |

Video Editor: Spencer Gilbert    Photos via The Morgan School community

Husky Helper 2013 Video cover

Husky Helper Day Video

  • “Look, look, I got an aerobics book!” – Maddi Roman

  • “You smell like Pine trees.” – Mrs. Robinson’s group

  • “It’s always fun at the YMCA.” – Anthony Choronzy

  • “Make sure you get my good side.” – Ronnie Buchetto

  • “Tell my wife I love her.” – Mr. Gersz

  • “I got a shovel.” – Nick Testoni

  • “Baseball players can’t paint.” – Coach Lit

  • “It’s Husky Helper Day; you’re suppose to love each other.” – Brandy Reilly

  • “We are all one big happy family.” – Jake Teuner

  • “Map painting is hard but rewarding.” – Maina Carrey, Tess Hallowell, Catlen Goss

  • “It’s great to give back to a place which has given so much to us.” – Mrs. Cozz

  • “It feels good helping the community.” – Charlotte Limosani

  • “As much as this day is a pain to organize, it’s well worth it.” – Mrs. Hagness

  • “This day is awesome.” – Chris Vicino

  • “This is how you do it.” – Mr. Underwood