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Morgan’s Top Ten 2019

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Written by Max Hurtubise|

David Saturno has received the 21st-Century Book Award, Harvard Book Award, and Academic Excellence Award. He is attending Connecticut College next year, as probably a history or philosophy major. David’s advice for underclassmen is “Be prepared to stay up all night doing work sometimes. It won’t be every night, but expect it to happen.”

Ella Franzoni has participated in Mock Trial as the president for two years, Model UN as the founder and president, and mentoring. She has been a part of the Morgan Girls Soccer Team, fencing, lacrosse, and outdoor track. She also was active in the Political Club. She won the University of Gettysburg Book Award for Excellence in US History and received the Daughters of the American Revolution Good Citizen’s Award. She is attending the University of New Hampshire and plans to double major in English and women’s studies with a possible minor in Spanish. Her advice for underclassmen is “Get involved in everything you can! Don’t wait for your friends to lead the way and don’t be afraid to leave your comfort zone. Also, be nice to your teachers.”

Beatrice Atengco participates(ed) in field hockey, fencing, lacrosse, tennis, Mock Trial, and Model UN. She has won art awards, a math award, engineering awards, a scholarship for R.I.T, and an entrepreneurship award. She is attending UConn in the fall as an engineering major. She says she would like to get a job, but she doesn’t know exactly what yet. Beatrice’s advice for underclassmen is “Do as much as you can, but in respect to still enjoying yourself and what you’re doing. Don’t do it if you aren’t having a good time doing it.”

Caleb Adams-Hull is a member of the Spanish National Honor Society and National Honor Society. He participated in cross country, fencing, tennis, Mock Trial, Model UN, Student Council, and was Student Body President. He founded and was a member of the Morgan School Climate Committee, and also participated in High School Bowl. He won the 21st-Century Book Award, R.I.T Computing Award, and was a Morgan nominee for the New Haven Register Senior Spotlight. Caleb is attending Bowdoin College, yet he doesn’t know exactly what he wants to study though he is interested in entrepreneurship. His advice for underclassmen is “Time management is very important because you want to set yourself up to take advantage of any opportunities that come your way.”

Chelsea Piccirillo participates in field hockey, Environmental Club, Spanish National Honor Society, and is a manager of the Morgan Girls Tennis team. She is going to UConn as a biology major, and her end goal is to become a dermatologist. Her advice for underclassmen is “Do not take school too seriously.”

Isabelle Ranaudo participates in soccer, indoor and outdoor track, R.E.A.C.T, Mock Trial, National Honor Society, and Interact. She has received the Bausch and Lomb Science Award and the David Bazaar Mathematics Award. She is going to be a nursing major at UConn, and her end goal is to become a nurse practitioner. Her advice for underclassmen is “While school work is important, make sure to have fun and manage your time. Enjoy high school while you’re there.”

Daniel Radka participates in National Honor Society, is a student member of the Clinton Inland Wetlands Commission, a student representative of the Board of Education, is a volunteer counselor at Maritime Education Network, does Morgan Fencing, Mock Trial, Model UN, Political Club, and S.A.V.E club. He won Academic Excellence in Physical Education, among other awards. Dan is attending UConn as an undecided major, yet he wants to study business. He wants to eventually be an entrepreneur. His advice for underclassmen is “Don’t do things you don’t enjoy, do what you want to do, be yourself, try to be as genuine and true to yourself as possible.”

Johanna Gutierrez participates in field hockey, indoor and outdoor lacrosse, R.E.A.C.T, and is a member of the Spanish National Honor Society. She has received the David Bazar Mathematics Award, the St. Michael’s College Book Award, and Academic Distinction in AP Spanish. She is going to UConn as a nursing major and wants to eventually become a Doctor of Nursing Practice. Her advice for underclassmen is “Do what you need to do to become successful. Don’t worry about drama or anything like that. Focus on yourself.”

Simon Hua, the class of 2019’s salutatorian, participated in Morgan’s a cappella group, High School Bowl, was a Senior Editor of Morgan’s Literary Magazine, and is a member of both National Honor Society and French National Honor Society. Simon was a semi-finalist for the Governor’s Scholar Award, he won the Yale Book Award, and various other underclassmen awards. He is attending UConn as an English major but might switch to journalism. His end goal is to be a writer of some sort. His advice for underclassmen is “Put forth your best effort, but try not to become too stressed because high school is a much more enjoyable time when you feel at peace”

Erin Lindsay, the class of 2019’s valedictorian, participates in Environmental Club, National Honor Society, Spanish National Honor Society, Mock Trial, Student Government, is a soccer captain, lacrosse captain, and is a Track
Scholar-Athlete. One of the most notable awards that she won is the UConn Avery Point Book Award. She is going to UConn as an evolutionary biology major while minoring in bioinformatics. Her end goal is to eventually become an ecologist. Erin’s advice for underclassmen is “Get involved. Try to make the most of your experiences, find a club where you fit in best.”

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