Favorite Pierson Memories


Painting of Pierson given to Mrs. Guarascio

Written by Shea Haslam and Jenna Boylan|

According to Historic Buildings of Connecticut, Abraham Pierson School is a two grade school in Clinton, Connecticut. It was named after Abraham Pierson, a pastor of Clinton’s Congregational Church and the first rector of the Collegiate School which later became Yale University.

The purpose of Pierson is to provide 4th and 5th graders an education bridge between primary and middle school.

According to Zip06, the school is more than 80 years old, but June 12, 2019, will be the last day of Pierson ever. The Board of Education voted for its closing on November 5, 2018, mainly because of the declining enrollment.

Most Morgan students and even some teachers have attended the school in the past. Students and staff shared their memories in the video above.