Tatiana to attend Naval Academy Summer Seminar


Written by Sandra Sirisoukh and Ingrid Rodriguez |
Photos by Norma Serrano |

One of the two programs at The United States Naval Academy is the Summer Seminar. Students who attend are able to get a peek at what life is like as a midshipman at The United States Naval Academy. Participants learn discipline, teamwork, and responsibility. There are 5,000 applicants and only 800 make it. This program is held in Annapolis, Maryland from June 15 – June 20. Junior Tatiana Serrano, a student here at Morgan, was one of them

In the summer, Tatiana volunteers and works for the Clinton Sailing Club. She typically works with kids who are 8-14+ years old. Tatiana said, “There is not one day of the summer that my feet aren’t touching the water which is one of the very big reasons why I looked into the NASS program.” She became interested in this program because she heard about what they had to offer college wise and she wanted to know what she needed to do in order to get in and challenge herself little by little. Tatiana is part of the volleyball team and the tennis team here at Morgan.

The person who encouraged her to apply for this program was her mom, Norma Serrano. Tatiana said, “She told me that it would be a great opportunity to do because she wanted me to have a future for myself where she could see me doing great things.”

She recommends that if you are interested in anything related to the military or with the ocean it would be a good choice to apply to this program because it would give you the inside scoop of the academy.