The Unseen Heroes of Morgan


Written by Frankie Perez|
Photos by Frankie Perez|

Let’s face it, people are messy. With so many daily distractions and tribulations, our minds tend to wander, and we often leave our things behind, whether it be food or other belongings. You’d honestly be quite surprised at how messy some of us can be, and we might not even know it! Or it could just possibly be that some people, (and you know who you are,) are simply plain lazy and think they don’t have to clean their own messes.

Well, I would like to take some time to appreciate some of the hardest workers in our school system, the custodians, the ones who keep Morgan looking its best, the people who clean up after our messes when we’re not motivated to do so ourselves, the people who make sure that the school floors aren’t the equivalent of a slip-n-slide when someone spills their drink.

Custodians Donna Donofrio (6th year, right) and Louis Batista (3rd year, Left)

Custodians Donna Donofrio and Louis Batista work during the school-day as well, these two are the first responders of janitorial heroism in the school. Spill something during lunch? Bam, they’ve already cleaned it BEFORE it even hits the floor. Happen to leave your lunch bag behind? BAM, its already put up in lost-n-found the second you get up. Not all heroes wear capes. (contrary to popular belief they don’t wear the average tights and cape combo. Most of them wear jeans and a polo shirt.)

This isn’t even mentioning the other two heroes that emerge after school hours: custodians Biljana Boskovic, and last but certainly not least, Sarah Merrill. Overall, just know that the janitorial staff are an essential cog, hidden within the ever-turning educational machine known as The Morgan School. And above all, make sure to thank the custodians next time you see them for keeping your school the best place it can possibly be.