David Flood Makes His Impact


Written by Ashlynn Leka |
Pictures by Ashlynn Leka |

On Tuesday, March 5th during advisory, youth motivational speaker David Flood spoke to the student body about the important topics of dignity, respect, and compassion. He shared personal life experiences to help students understand their impact on each other.

Mr.Flood said that he wants students ¨to understand compassion and think about everything that is going on around them and how they are impacting everyone around them.¨ One of the main points that Mr.Flood made is that instead of always thinking about themselves, people should think about other people.

Every speech he delivers to students also reminds Mr.Flood of what is important. He said that ¨sometimes I think that I am giving the assembly for me, to remind myself of the things that I have forgotten, and a lot of things that I say in front of the room are things that I really need to remind myself to be a better person.”

After his assembly and session, Mr.Flood spoke about the topic of courage. Mr.Flood said ¨Courage for me is when a kid raises their hand in a class and says they’re transgender, or their dad is an alcoholic, or no one knows they’re cutting.¨ These courageous acts from students ¨really inspire me to go onto the next school.¨

Final words of advice from Mr.Flood are to be authentic, unique, genuine and yourself. Mr.Flood said, ¨You attract what you are. You don’t attract what you want. When you want something, then you attract more want, but when you become something and you’re genuine and authentic as a person, you will attract what you are.¨