A New Face at Morgan


Health Teacher Mr.Bailey

Written By Nori Lopez and Ford Pender|

Teacher Stephen Bailey became the new health teacher after Mr. Jalbert left to take another position. Before coming to The Morgan School, Mr. Bailey taught health class at East Lyme. Mr. Bailey originally wanted to be an athletic trainer. He stated he has “always loved the human body and health”. He realized he wanted to reach out to students about the human body in a less scientific but elaborate way.

Mr.Bailey and his F period health class

Mr. Bailey took the job because he “saw a good opportunity to not only teach elementary but high school students”. After teaching elementary students during the morning at Pierson, he arrives at the end of the third lunch wave to begin teaching F and G period Health at Morgan. So far he feels that “the district is great, the staff is full of very welcoming people and that creates a very warming community of kids who are greatly appreciative and respectful.”

His students had nothing but good things to say about him. Junior Maggie Guba said: “I think he brings a lot of new energy and seems excited to teach us here”. All around the students think that he likes his job.

Junior Jillian Crowley states, “he seems very dedicated and enjoys being there for the kids.” Natalie Novarro said, “he’s young and seems passionate about his job.” Mr. Bailey also said he is “excited to be here for the rest of the year.” The Morgan School staff and students are glad to have Mr. Bailey as part of the Morgan community. `