Don’t Miss The 18th Annual Car Show

Written by Santiago Sanchez |

What’s everyone doing Saturday May 18th? You should come down to the car show at The Morgan School. There will be approximately 50 to 60 vehicles including hot rods, antiques, race cars, and even show cars.

The car show started when a group of guys met on  Wednesday nights at The Morgan parking lot with show cars to cruise to a restaurant to meet up with some other guys to just hang out and talk about their cars. One of those nights one of the guys suggested to Mr. Cole that he should start a car show and have the students judge.

The Morgan students who are the staff of the car show will start setting up at 08:00 hours. The students put posters at the end of the ramp of exit 63. Also they enclose the parking lot next to the school with tape so that the cars that will be exhibited can park there.  Exhibitors will be charged a small fee of ten dollars that will cover the trophies that were bought for the winning cars. Mr Cole said  “one of my favorite parts  of the show is when I see my students talking to the car owners, having a conversation about the car and being able to understand what the car owner is telling them because of what they have learned in the class I taught.”

Saldamarcos will be selling food and drinks. Also an ice cream vendor will be selling ice cream. Come to the car show. Bring a can good for the Clinton Food Pantry. Have a great time supporting your fellow classmates who will be judging the cars.