Three Kings Make Their Way To Joel School


Written by Melanie Coretti |
Photos via Señora Moran |

Students dressed up for Three Kings Day at Joel School

On Friday, January 4th, 2019, eight students from Spanish teacher Laura Luther’s Spanish class ventured over to Joel Elementary School to celebrate Three Kings Day. These students were Junior Logan Cummings, Junior Natalie Novarro, Junior Rachel Schmardel, Junior Emma Farrell, Junior Sarah Auletta, Junior Andrew Daley, Junior Sydney Fratamico, Nick Bussiere, and Emma Blaire.

Junior Logan Cummings said that in the beginning “A lot of the kids seemed scared, but Mrs. Moran was able to get some of them to participate.” He also shared that “One kid asked us how we got there, and I said that I had come in on an elephant, and then another kid wanted to know what the elephant looked like. I decided to say that my elephant was very handsome, but he was also beautiful on the inside, which I thought was a wholesome message to send the kids.” Logan also added, “One of the highlights was being able to wear a robe, crown, and fake beard because I felt like I was in a really cheesy but funny, Halloween costume while the kids still thought I was legit.”