The Artists Of AP Euro


Written by Olivia Morrissey|
Photos by Olivia Morrissey|

Mr. Motter’s AP Euro class has a different approach to his quizzes. At the end of each true or false quiz, the students can create a political cartoon or drawing relating to the quiz topics. Senior Heather Vollhart states, “I just think its great. No other class does it.” After all the quizzes are collected, Mr. Motter presents the art to the whole class. All students then vote for their favorite quiz art with wooden train whistles, which Mr. Motter started using this year. This voting continues until there are two finalists and the whole class votes for their favorite from the two. The winner’s art is then displayed on the board until there is a new winner.

Quiz art has been a tradition in Mr. Motter’s classes since circa 1996. Quiz art started when Mr. Motter taught world history at Millbrook to sophomores, before Morgan. This class had regular quizzes and Mr. Motter wanted to keep the students who finished early busy. Mr. Motter states “I continued to do it cause its fun, much of the time it reinforces the important concepts which we have been learning.”

Quiz art can be quite controversial. When a student isn’t feeling too creative and draws nothing, it’s a blizzard. Senior Patrick Kavanaugh decided to have fun with his blizzard and draw a winter landscape with the single word “Bismarck” in the center. This was his “connection” to the information from the quiz. His work made it to the finals, which some people were not too happy about. But in the end, the winner was Senior Phoebe Sullivan, who illustrated a pun about pasta, relating more to the quiz’s topic, unlike Kavanaugh’s. Quiz art is no joke. Tensions can rise if anyone feels their quiz art doesn’t get the recognition it deserves.

Quiz art is a great way for students to be more involved with the class. Senior Ella Franzoni states, “Quiz art helps me remember material better because it’s fun. Whenever I take notes, I’m always scanning to see what is quiz art potential.” Mr. Motter always tries to make his classes engaging and fun, and quiz art does exactly that. Even if you didn’t study and don’t understand anyone’s cartoon, it is always great to see how amusing Mr. Motter finds them all.