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Almost Done


Written by Marie Kane |
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The last quarter of the 2018-2019 school year has begun. The seniors, me included, will be the third class to graduate from the new Morgan School. It’s almost time for graduation which means we are moving onto our new chapters.

Southern Connecticut state university

There is always a sense of nostalgia and bittersweet realizations around this time of the school year for seniors. Some of us are going into the military, college, both, or taking a gap year. Whatever it may be, there’s a reason behind what people would like to do after high school graduation.The time goes by fast and we’re now at the two-month mark until the Class of 2019 leaves Morgan to do bigger things. Many seniors are obviously excited to leave high school, but some are also nervous, sad or a mix of all of those. Some students from the Class of 2019 were asked how they feel about the fact that graduation is less than a month away.

Senior Logan Lane said  he feels graduation “is way closer than it should be.” He will miss being able to talk to his friends frequently. We all have different plans and are only going to keep going onto bigger things. Caitlin Turner, like many others, is super excited. She said, “I’m thankful for the experience and memories I’ve made here at Morgan. However, I think I’m ready to grow as a person and student even more.”

Teachers have an impact on our lives. Nick Muratori will miss his friends and teachers the most when he leaves. He said, “I’m excited for a new chapter and hope to keep some of the friendships I made.” Similar to Nick, Alyssa LeMay will also miss many of the teachers and coaches; “Mrs. Hagness is the best, and I am hoping the President of UNH

is the same way. I will also miss Morgan athletics, specifically Morgan girls soccer.” Alyssa is ready for the new chapter of college and military too. She is looking forward to meeting new people and finally being able to branch

Military Service members

out more.  She said, “I am so ready to move onto the next chapter of my life. It is so surreal that I will be pursuing a career I have been interested in since day one. I am ready to take more concentrated classes and to meet new people.”


We’ve worked hard to get to where we are now and getting out of high school will certainly help us to find ourselves. Max Hurtubise thinks graduation for our class is well-earned.  He said, “I think that it’s important for our class to move on to the next chapter of life. People are sad, but I see graduation as more of a good thing. It’s such an important stage of life because it’s a transition to adulthood. Even if you aren’t going to college, there are exciting new places to be.” He’s happy to graduate. He will miss the teachers here. He said,  “There are a key few that have been true inspirations. For me, I’ll miss teachers more than other classmates.” We’re lucky to have a great staff that really does care and makes an effort to help our lives.”

Although it is bittersweet, there’s so much positivity coming out of this once in a lifetime event; As Brittany Rojas said, “Everyone’s going to different places, and we won’t see each other much. You grow up with the same faces for so long. It’s a bit difficult to break off into your own paths.”

We’re lucky to have social media at our fingertips 24/7 so we can still

University of Bridgeport

obviously keep in touch with whoever. Brittany continued to explain how “Most of us are absolutely ready for the next stages of our lives, but it means that the time I spend with my closest friends is slowly becoming thin. It was really fun seeing how much I’ve changed and the people around me. Let’s enjoy the rest of our time peacefully as graduation approaches.”

The majority of the class is going to college. A decent number enlisted in the military, and others will enter the work force. Graduation is going to be very bittersweet but also the once-in-a-lifetime event that we will all be looking forward to and will remember forever.

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