’18 Anes Gadun


Written by Marie Kane |
Photos by Anes Gadun


Graduate Anes Gadun, another former Morgan star soccer player, continued his soccer career at University of Saint Joseph while majoring in biology on a pre-med track. He is also involved in EMT. He chose this college because of the financial incentives as well as the strong science program. However, he may transfer to Trinity College, not only for his major but also because the coach offered him a position on the soccer team.

Trinity is the same level as his first college choice (Wesleyan), and he is looking forward to going into the higher competitive level of the NESCAS division three conference. He wishes he knew about Trinity College before graduation from Morgan: “I would have applied right away.” At Trinity, there’s a lot of school spirit which he was used to from Morgan, where he was voted class fashionista.

He described college as different and open.  Anes said, “You have a lot of freedom and time.” img_4563An interesting memory he has already of college is from the first couple weeks of college with his soccer teammates. Anes recalls “staying up until three for soccer every night just because we could. We would just talk all night long and then be waking up at six a.m.” There was also another time when he fell asleep because he was tired from double sessions in soccer. Somebody thought Anes had a heart attack and was going to call an ambulance.

img_4561At first, just like many people, Anes was worried about college and about soccer at the college level,  but he felt prepared from high school. He misses the family aspect of Morgan: “It felt like family there. Everyone cared: teachers, students, administration.” Anes described how biology teacher Chris Luther was always there for him.  Anes said, “He influences me and encouraged me to pursue a career in medical sciences and pushed me to do well.”

Mr. Luther can easily see Anes as a doctor and misses their times of talking about biology together. Anes changed throughout high school by becoming more willing to participate and being excited about biology. Mr. Luther shared a funny memory of Anes. Anes decided to give him a fake essay on a test to get back at him for complaining img_4562about the essay on the previous test. Mr. Luther said, “I look forward to hearing about all his accomplishments in the future.”

Anes has no regrets from high school but does have some advice for the Class of 2019: “Don’t let senioritis hit you too hard. Do whatever you do with a passion. If you want to succeed, you will succeed. It’s tough to get an idea of a college until you go. There’s nothing wrong with transferring.”