’18 Abby Pitarra


Written by Marie Kane |
Photos by Abby Pitarra

Graduate of the class of 2018 Abby Pitarra is now at Southern Connecticut State University. She chose this college because it is close to her home.  She can go home and work to make money. Everybody, both students and teachers, are very nice there. Before graduation, Abby felt good and wanted summer just like most people would.  She said, “I was fine to leave, but after, it was sad that I was not going back to the school, and I had to start somewhere new.”

Abby knew her whole life that she wanted to teach kids.  This why her major is in elementary education. College and high school both have their individual benefits, but college gives students a lot more freedom. According to Abby, “You live on your own, and you can do whatever you want.” She loves being able to meet new people and has felt prepared to manage her time: “You don’t have to worry about all of the drama.”

High school was memorable for Abby. She won the superlative for most spirited. She misses the close community that Clinton has: “Everyone was there for each other.” Abby also misses all of the sports games, playing on Morgan teams.  She said,” I miss the Morgan field hockey team like crazy, playing and off the field with them because we were such a close team.”

Her favorite class was art in junior year with former art teacher Pam Neri. In her class, Abby had Emma Farrell and Natalie Novarro with her who she calls her children. She also loved Journalism:”It was a very fun class, and I took in a lot.”

She wishes she appreciated how much high school teachers are there to help you.  She said, “In college you have to go to them, and they are just there. They don’t really help.” Abby also explained that most people don’t keep their high school friends: “Live it up with all your friends now.”

Abby gave a shoutout to Abby Gordon: “Keep up the hard work.” She also appreciated former mathematics teacher Paige Trusty as well as English teacher Leslie Chausse. Abby said, “They both were great teachers and always fun to talk to outside of class.” Abby would go to Ms. Trusty’s room every single day just to talk: “A couple kids used to eat lunch in there. It was very sad when she had to leave.” She explained how helpful Mrs. Chausse was: “She is just always looking for the best in students.”

In ten years, Abby sees herself in Maryland, graduated from a University even if it is not Southern.