Inducting students to the French and Spanish Honor Societies


Written by Noelia Guaricela|

On Wednesday, December 5, 2018,  twenty-nine new students were inducted to either the Sociedad Honoraria Hispana or Société Honoraire de Français.

 Société Honoraire de Français was founded in 1949 as a part of the American Association of Teachers of French. The Morgan chapter was established in 1990. 

The French group initiated the program when French teacher Laura Martino welcomed Carlos Arnoldi, Catherine Duffy, Rachel Gelven and Olivia Swan to the Société Honoraire de Français.

The Hispanic Honor Society was founded by the American Association of Spanish and Portuguese Teachers in 1953 for students of North American high schools. The Morgan chapter was established in 1987. The name of this chapter is Bernal Díaz de Castillo. The motto is “All to one.” The colors are red and gold, and the logo and seal are those of the mother association.

Following the French honors ceremony, the Spanish group took the stand where Spanish teacher Senora Peterson, who has been doing this for 13 years, welcomed Matthew Alvarez-Hidalgo, Joshua Bardinelli, Kevin Carse, Nicolas Colebank, Caitlyn Donadio, Emma Dwayne, Abigail Eydman, Clara Franzoni, Taylor Gregory, Idalys Gonzalez, Noelia Guaricela, Alexander Kadlof, Maura Kelly, Aiden Maurais, Ryan Nguyen, Natalie Navarro, Emma Orr, Tatum Petrelis, Samuel Reed, Jovana Reinoso, Karen Reinoso, Emily Schulze, Alexandra Wolf, Taylor Wyatt and Mya Yetso to the Sociedad Honoraria Hispanica. 

Once every student was inducted, Mrs. Peterson, Mrs. Martino, inductees and guests had a little treat to celebrate this big honor.