Brunettes come back with a win


Written by Ashlynn Leka |
Pictures and videos by Ashlynn Leka |

After several postponements of the game due to weather issues, on Sunday, November 25th at Indian River, the annual Blondes VS. Brunettes Powderpuff game took place.

After the blondes winning last year the brunettes came back on top and won. The final score of this game was 37-7. 

All of the money that was raised for this event is going towards the freshman class of 2022. This year the event raised a total of $750.

 This year there were no major injuries when the game was being played, unlike last year . A major highlight to the game this year was again this year Senior Caitlin Turner tackled someone, which is shown in the video below.

This year Senior Coach of the Brunettes team Mike Savage and previous cheerleader for this event said, ¨It was a great experience coaching the girls. I loved it¨

Every year boys volunteer to cheer on the sidelines for the girls.  Mathematics teacher Stephanie Davis coached this year’s cheerleading squad. This year the boys’ halftime performance was a hit. Senior Bailey Hornyak and Freshman Garret Garbinski did backflips and, Senior Anthony Cimino did a split to end the performance. 

Below are pictures taken at the event.