2018 Dodge For A Difference


Written by Olivia Morrissey |
Photos by Olivia Morrissey |

On November 17th, 2018, The Morgan School held the annual Dodge For A Difference tournament. The event raised over $2,600.  The money will benefit Morgan Families in need. Fifteen teams participated in total. The freshman class had great participation, having two teams entered. The teams were Laura Luther’s “Dodge This” team, Shoreline Appliances, Jr. Firefighters, The Clinton Police Department, React, Clinton Dads, Morgan Faculty, The Wrestling Team, Girls Soccer, Francesca Tino’s team, and the five class teams. 

The teams that made it to the championships were the 2019 seniors and the Clinton Dads. The seniors left the event finishing their winning streak which started their freshman year. Senior Mike Savage said,” It was a great experience. I got to be with my friends, and it was really fun”. There is a bit of controversy over the senior’s win. Junior Kyle Suraci, who played for the junior team said, “there needed to be better refs.” Win or lose, the money went to a good cause.