Creativity in the Collab Room


Written by Sandra Sirisoukh and Ingrid Rodriguez |
Photos by Ingrid Rodriguez and Rebekah Morro |

Recently, during X-Block, English teacher Eric Bergman and his Creative Writing class held a small gathering in the A-Collab room. There, they presented writing pieces. The whole school was invited to this event. Mr. Bergman instructed his students to write a story based on any of Edward Hopper’s paintings. There was no rubric, format or word requirement. It was up to the students’ imaginations as to what they created.

Senior Simon Hua chose Edward Hopper’s New York Movie, mainly because he was attracted to the “mood of the painting.” The writing piece he created was about a woman who worked at the movie theater that was suddenly visited by someone from her past. She then struggles to decide whether or not the encounter with that person was a dream or real life. 

Senior Phoebe Sullivan chose the painting City Roofs. The story she created was about an artist who spots a man on the roof of her apartment. The artist tries to put herself in the perspective of that man on the roof.

The event provided students in the Creative Writing class the opportunity to share their work with a larger audience.  The attendees enjoyed snacks, the paintings and the stories created by the writers. 

Below are some examples of the students writing pieces:

“Night Windows”
“Woman in the Window”