Mike, Logan & David


Written by Melanie Coretti |
Photos by Melanie Coretti and Logan Cummings |

Morgan’s own Senior Mike Menacho and Junior Logan Cummings have started their own T-shirt “business.”

Logan Cumings, Olivia Morrissey, and Mike Menacho sporting the “David” shirt

Recently, the two have been selling shirts that feature Michaelangelo’s David. The shirts debuted for the first time on October 23rd of this year. Logan states that the idea came from Olivia Morrissey, who, “wanted a photo of a male statue, with a background of a blue rectangle. We completely destroyed her vision, and made something better.” Logan and Mike both stated “We found a picture of the statue of David, and we decided ‘wow that‘s not appropriate’ so we censored out the naughty bits. We made it in such a way that the statue was holding the bar which made it ‘hella’ cool.”

Logan attributes the start of the business to Senior Bailey Hornyak who suggested that “I should put the class year on the bar and sell them, so that’s where we got the idea from for that.” Logan also wanted to add a comment about the shirts in general: “Some people think the shirt is inappropriate, but I have something to say about that. If a teacher would show us that image in history class, or art class, I don’t see why it shouldn’t be allowed in school. It’s culture. We censored it, so the naughty parts are out of the image. So I don’t think there should be a problem.”

Logan shared the process of the shirt making, stating, “step one is to make a design on Photoshop. From there I email that design to Mike Menacho. Then Mike puts it on some t-shirt website to see how it looks. Mike places the order with whatever ‘Menacho-Magic’ he has.” He added that the two go through the company “Printful” because they are “reasonably priced and good quality.” 

As many students know, Logan is very savvy with photoshop. Logan added “I intend on making shirts for the future with my own artYou can make literally anything from photoshop.” 

Currently, Logan said he has been working on “colorizing my own ink drawings for t-shirt designs, but they’re not on the market yet. I have made political t-shirts with Dan Radka and Mike Menacho, but they too are not on the market yet.”

The t-shirt business is off to a wonderful start, and it will most certainly be interesting to see where it goes and how it will progress in the future.