Honoring Our Veterans in 2018


By Emilia O’Neil|

November 11, 2018, was Veterans Day. It was also 100 years since WW1 ended. On November 12th, Morgan had an assembly where veterans, staff, and students gave speeches and shared experiences or knowledge of being a veteran. This assembly was held in the Morgan gym.

Both the Morgan band and chorus played songs for the veterans. From Morgan, Sophmore Colby Dowd, Junior James Siciliano, Assistant Principal Tyler Webb, and Science Teacher Rachel O’Reilly spoke.  Colby Dowd read “The Importance of Today”, which was when he expressed his appreciation for the Veterans. He also discussed the loss of lives and horses in World War I. He displayed his artifacts from the War as well.

Junior James Siciliano talked about how he and other students started the APK Charities chapter at Morgan.  In this group, the students work to raise awareness of current or retired military personnel. They also raise money for food and supplies that the soldiers need. 

Science Teacher at Morgan Mrs. O’Reilly discussed the strain and sacrifices families have to go through when sending a family member into the military. Her family had to be without their father or husband for 10 months. She said that her community was a big help, including the Morgan community.

Assistant Principal Tyler Webb shared a story about his step-mother’s father being a prisoner of war by the Germans. He wrote about his experience as a prisoner, which is the piece Mr. Webb read. The piece explained how awful war was and the risks men and women in the army have to endure.