Meet Connor Dowd


Written by Melanie Coretti |
Interviews by Olivia Morrissey |
Photos by Melanie Coretti |

Some students at Morgan do not know much about sophomore Connor Dowd. Connor is passionate about karate and his favorite movie series, Sharknado.

Connor shared, “my hero is Fin Shepard because he is a shark slayer, and I don’t like sharks.” Connor’s favorite movie out of the series is “the sixth because they go back in time to stop the first-ever Shakrnado.” One of his favorite parts in the series was when “Fin’s friends and wife returned from another dimension.” He also enjoyed, “Sharknado 3 when Finn got a reward for saving Los Angeles and New York.”

Connor also enjoys participating in karate at Kempo Academy in Clinton. He’s been involved with karate for the past two years. He started out with a white belt and has progressed to the purple belt he has now. He stated that he started karate “just for fun.” Connor shared, “First we do warm-ups, run, then we get into learning new moves. If I master all the moves my Sensai will give me a test to earn my next belt.” 

Connor’s teacher, Special Education teacher Melissa Harris, stated that he is “shy, hard-working, and he’s kind to his peers.”

Connor said he would like to be a part of The Morgan PawPrint because he enjoys “working with computers,” and “wants to help out.”