The Library Kids


Written By Heather Vollhardt|
Pictures By Heather Vollhardt|

The Henry Carter Hull Library is host to many events for adults, children and everyone in between. There are many great amenities at the library that attract a range of patrons who either want to get work done in a quiet space or those who want to hang out with their friends and play games together. 

Before the school moved to its new location, students could walk over to the library directly from the school. The new school is located further down route 81, and there is a bus that will take students to the library after school. Even with the move, there has been little change in the number of students that come. According to Cathleen Cole, the head of the Young Adult Services, “There are a core group of kids that come, and they bring their friends.” 

Unfortunately, those who have activities after school and cannot drive are unable to take the bus and are tasked with finding a way to the library. Some students are taking it upon themselves and walking down this main road just to get to the library. This option would be okay if there was a sidewalk that connects to the sidewalk of the old school, but there is not, and students are walking right on the road, risking the chances of getting hit.

Cathleen says that she is worried about the walk from the new school to the library, and she is excited for the new sidewalk that is getting put in. She argues that not only would the sidewalk benefit the library, it would also provide an option for students who want to go to the outlets, either to shop or go to their jobs. 

The library offers some great activities such as a PlayStation 4 and an Apple computer that kids can use at any time. There are also a bunch of online programs that the library allows everyone to use that patrons would normally have to pay for.