John Daviau, Rebecca Cockley, leader of REACT, Kelly Edwards.

John Daviau, Rebecca Cockley, leader of REACT, Kelly Edwards.

By Emilia O’Neil |

On October 25, 2018, REACT leader Kelly Edwards along with REACT’s president, Senior Rebecca Cockley went to a ceremony where they received an award for CAPP. The CAPP (Connecticut Association of Prevention Professionals) is an association composed of adults that work to prevent suicide, substance use, gambling, and HIV. The award was the Coalition Sector All-Star Award.

Senior Rebecca Cockley said, ” REACT has worked really hard over the past year and definitely deserved the recognition of the CAPP award.” Also, she talked about many of the projects that REACT has worked for. She said,  “a lot of the members helped with starting new projects regarding mental health, such as suicide awareness week and QPR training.”

From left to right: CAPP’s Executive Director, John Daviau, Senior Rebecca Cockley, REACT’s president, REACT’s Advisor, Kelly Edwards.

Kelly Edwards nominated REACT as a whole this year instead of a single person because she believes ” that after 9 years of amazing work in our community, the entire group deserved to be recognized.” She said that REACT members have “spoken at the State Capitol, have testified in front of state legislators, have been involved in press conferences at the capitol, have designed and offered workshops for prevention adults, have developed and implemented a full day long 100 conference for high school students in CT, have been staff members at International Youth Conferences, and have traveled as far as Austin, TX and Sacramento, CA for training!”

Kelly Edwards wrote, “I am so proud of them.” She was glad to see that all of the commitment and hard work REACT has done for its community is now being recognized. She applauds their help to maintain Clinton as a healthy town.