Red Barn: A New Holistic Therapy and Art Center Opens in Durham


Written by Bryce Thomas |

On September 1st,  The Red Barn opened in Durham, Ct. Janice Juiliano is the owner of the Red Barn. The Red Barn is a business that focuses on Magnified Healing,  The Red Barn is center for healthy living. Janice has many different practitioners that offer care and classes at the Red Barn. She said, “the practitioners who joined understood that The Red Barn held a special energy that was much more than any one of us separately. We call this energy  ‘One Heart’. ” 

The Red Barn offers many classes and programs including  Cooking with Essential Oils,  Nature-based Playground for infant/toddlers, Reiki Share, Healing Energy Circle, Intro to Essential Oils, Overcoming challenges support group, Shamanic Drumming, Acrylic Painting Workshop series,  Farmhouse Facial Party, Holistic and Psychic Fair, Healing Hearts Grief group,  Trauma Sensitive Yoga, Guided meditation with Reiki and Qi Gong.

Opening the Red Barn has been a dream of Janice’s for many years. Since 2009, Janice Juiliano owned a private psychotherapy practice. In 2011, she was able to share space with a part-time therapist and later a yoga teacher. Stephanie Rosally-Kaplan a Reiki practitioner and professional photographer joined the Red Barn. According to Janice, “She was a catalyst for our evolution. She had many ideas about networking and getting our collaborative to be known.”

Red Barn has a lot to offer to everyone. Check out all the Red Barn has to offer on The Red Barn’s website