Class of 2018: Tony Coretti


Written by Melanie Coretti |
Photos by Melanie Coretti |

Matt Newfield (left) and Tony Coretti (right)

Class of 2018 Morgan graduate Tony Coretti is a freshman at the University of Rhode Island majoring in Mechanical Engineering. During his time at Morgan, he was involved with many athletics including Football, Indoor Track, and Boys Lacrosse. So far, he loves the college life, and he feels more “independent.”

Tony said, “I expected college to be like it is, you’re living in a dorm with other people and your classes are right there. But, I didn’t expect it to be this challenging.” Tony said he didn’t expect, “the food to be this good. I also didn’t expect to have as many friends and connections with people that I have now.”

Some of his challenges include, “balancing school work and social life, there’s a lot of distractions.” He attributes this to the fact that URI is known as more of a “party school.” He chose URI because of “how close it was, and I thought the campus was really nice.” He added that “in college, you have assignments that are larger, but you have more time to complete them. It’s not homework every night; it’s usually once a week assignments.”

URI Campus

Some advice he has for seniors applying this year is to, “apply early and definitely know the school inside and out and what you’re getting yourself into.” He also added to, “never forget the reason why you’re going to college. Always keep things in perspective, but also make sure to have fun.”

He said that the classes at Morgan have helped him tremendously in college. Specifically, “Honors Chemistry with Mrs. Kaestle helped a lot. Chapman’s Engineering class really helped, especially using CADD and the design process.”

His message to the seniors this year is to “take advantage of your senior year and live it up because it’s the best year.”