Kindness Matters at Morgan


Getting Hula Hoop around the circle while holding hands.

Written by Rebekah Moro|
Photos by Rebekah Moro| 

Recently some students including the Husky Leaders went on a field trip promoting kindness. It was a few hours full of yard games involving working together and having fun. It was great to be able to see so many different schools coming together in one place.

While we were there, we played team bonding games. One game involved getting a golf ball into a bucket using separated pipes. There was also drumming on yoga balls led by a very enthusiastic lady. There were many other stations including holding hands in a circle and getting a hula hoop all the way around and playing a matching game with teams. Partners would guide each other, one of them with their eyes closed, to collect puzzle pieces. In the end, everyone had to put the puzzle pieces together to create a picture.

In the end, all the schools came together, and we spoke about kindness and what this day meant for all the leaders. A senior Kayla Pelligrini gave an amazing speech about how we at Morgan are family. She explained a little about the kindness boxes in our school that provide positive messages from one student to another. She also talked about the students supporting out sports teams, and at football games, we have the Morgan Dog Pound.

Then former NBA player for the Cavaliers and the Nets, and current college basketball analyst for Fox Sports, Donny Marshall, came to speak to us. He explained that even though he is successful today, he was bullied. Kids used to make fun of his long skinny legs when he was younger. He would wear sweatpants under his shorts for soccer. Then the kids told him it was ok, and he overcame his insecurities. 

David Maloney, the CT Association of Schools representative, awarded the Spotlight award to Morgan. This award was given to a school promoting kindness and having opportunities to be a positive school. He talked about our amazing three-day STEP program in the summer. We are the only school in the state that gets freshmen comfortable for the new school year with a three-day orientation.

So let us all continue to keep Morgan a kind and respectful area for all.