Pablo Picasso or Logan Cummings?


Written by Olivia Morrissey|
Photos by Leo Woods|

Junior Logan Cummings has created a masterpiece in Spanish teacher Laura Luther’s room measuring about 10ft by 7 1/2ft. The mural showcases our mascot the husky, along with the words “Teach Peace” in the center using bright colors. Cummings wanted to incorporate Hispanic culture within the mural. He stated that “I wanted something unique and original. I didn’t want to do Dia de Los Muertos or sombreros or maracas.” He decided to go with a cubist theme, pioneered by Pablo Picasso. Cubism showcases geometric and organic shapes as well as an absence of open space. 

He has in total put in 22 hours to complete his work, over the course of school days to finish his mural. Senora Luther had the idea to incorporate “teach peace” and wanted husky paws and hands as well as a reoccurring Hispanic theme. “Senora Luther loved the concept of art and the cubism idea.” After the idea was approved by Principal Keri Hagness, Cummings was able to start the art grind. He started with a light pencil outline of the concept art, then added color. He completed his masterpiece with a black outline to make the colors pop and clean up the edges.

From start to finish, Cummings received compliments on his work. Just from the pencil outline, Senora Luther said the work was “epic”, even though it was just a pencil outline. “Are you finished?” was a recurring question Cummings received. “No matter how good the work was,” He stated that “the mural had to be perfect in my own eyes. It was weird to thank so many people in so little time, but I was always grateful.” Cummings would often be accompanied by a small audience of students observing him. He said, “it was nice to have company because the mural took so long”.

“I already had everything down. I just had to polish that art up by adding outlines. I did a lot of miscellaneous lines which I used to fill empty spaces. People really seemed to like it”. He also enjoyed wearing his art clothing during the process, “I enjoyed wearing my art clothes. I had my smock that got covered in a lot more paint during the mural process. I had my art shorts which just had paint stains on them. The best part was my hat. I don’t know what its called, but a ‘chap’ would wear it. I always wear that hat when I’m painting, it made me feel even artsier.”

The mural took a lot of hard work and planning, but Senora Luther couldn’t be happier with the outcome. Logan Cummings was able to showcase his artistic ability and the mural will remain a part of The Morgan School for years to come.