What Did You Think of Bigg Milt?

Written by Elizabeth Bradley|

When the students of The Morgan School heard there was another assembly on “Drug and Alcohol Awareness,”  the collective sighs could easily be heard in the halls of the school. Upon arriving to the auditorium, the students were prompted to take their seats. Milton Creagh or Bigg Milt was introduced to us by a member of the Elks Club, who sponsored this assembly.

Milton Creagh, better known as “Bigg Milt”, is a motivational speaker who talks to youths and adults. Creagh challenges his audiences to confront the problems of drugs, alcohol, and violence. As the assembly began, the students and I soon realized he was anything but ordinary. Patrick, a junior, said “He was very direct which is something you don’t see nowadays. I liked how he reprimanded kids who were talking while he presented; it grabbed everybody’s attention. I think everybody took it in a lot more because he was stern.” A senior of The Morgan School also had this to say about the event: “The assembly had a very powerful meaning, and it had a good amount of humor, but there were some parts that were overpowering and overwhelming for students.” A freshman at The Morgan School tweeted, “I thought he was a great speaker, and his speech gave me a new look on drugs, alcohol, and abuse.” Mr. Luther, teacher at The Morgan school: “I thought he did a really great job, and the message was great. I liked how his stories were believable and related to the students.”

As Bigg Milt said, “This isn’t a game.  This is real  life.”  Bigg Milt made Morgan students face the reality that even though they live in a small town, drugs and alcohol are not something they should take lightly.

Members of REACT are planning a follow up activity during advisory on May 7.