Come Experience the Haunted Farm


By Emilia O’Neil|

On October 28, from 6:30-8:30 pm, Morgan’s Annual Haunted Hallways will be open to the public. This event is hosted by Morgan’s REACT, which consists of Morgan Students from freshmen to seniors. REACT members decorate the hallways with scary decorations for people to enjoy while walking down the halls.

Last year, they raised about $1,500, and they are hoping to raise more this year. The leader of REACT, Kelly Edwards, said that they donate all of the money to “To Clinton Social Services, for holiday programs for Clinton families in need.”

Come to the hallways, and you are guaranteed one good fright! The REACT group is run by Kelly Edwards. The Haunted Hallways is the main event of REACT. The student actors prepare the hallways and all of the costumes (including makeup).

You can purchase $5 tickets by coming to Morgan the night of the event! Come and experience the fun for yourself!