Saluting Seniors


Written by Marie Kane | Photos by Marie Kane, Caitlin Turner, and Alyssa Lemay | The Class of 2019 started senior year. These students who were the last freshman class in the old Morgan will be the third class graduating from the new Morgan. Along with making decisions for their lives after high school, starting their last seasons for sports, and kicking off their last school year by creating senior wills and quotes, they’re all planning for their future. Alyssa LemaySenior Alyssa Lemay wants to join the Army National Guard and go to school too. She would do ROTC and go to college for criminal justice with a minor in psychology. She described her senior year as mediocre. A funny moment from high school was when she brought a blanket to school and stepped on it going down the stairs. “I fell all the way down the staircase.” Her favorite part of it all is having senior privileges, “So I can go home and nap.” Alyssa would like to maintain high honors every quarter and predicts Morgan Girls Soccer will be this year’s Shoreline Champions. Alyssa will miss staff and students the most; She gave a shoutout to science teacher Rachel O’Reilly for being there if she ever needs to talk. Alyssa said, “She’ll always help.” The fact that she’ll be graduating, and it’s her senior year now hasn’t hit her yet: “It’s pretty crazy, I’m really excited though.” Another senior, Katie Schrempp describes her senior year as exciting. “I think this school year will be a great one. It will fly by, and I will be sad to leave, but I’m excited for the new journey.” Her favorite part of senior year so far is having an easy schedule. She would like to get honor roll and maintain good grades. A funny moment from her senior year was when the fire department had to show up to open the elevator because people got stuck.  Katie said, “My plans for after senior year are to go to Middlesex Community College and get a bachelors degree in criminal justice.” Katie Schrempp with Spencer MangsShe will without a doubt miss some of the staff members: “They have pushed me to do my best.” Katie gave a shoutout to our new SRO Spencer Mangs. “He is a fantastic officer and he is always there to help. He has helped me answer questions that I have had about being a cop, to help broaden my understanding of the career I would like to pursue. I’m excited to move on and pursue the career of my dreams.” She is very excited to be graduating and to be able to continue her journey to becoming a police officer here in Clinton: “I will also be sad because I will be leaving school and the teachers that helped me and pushed me to do my best. I will also be sad because my dad won’t be here to watch me walk across the stage.” Caitlin Turner powderpuff 2017Another soon-to-be graduate shared her college plans. Caitlin Turner’s top college is currently UNH in New Hampshire. “I plan to go to a four-year college, probably majoring in business and minoring in psychology.” She described senior year as crazy “between college applications, trying to get more involved, and enjoying what’s left of high school.” Powderpuff was a fun event for Caitlin. “Freshman year, I tackled Julia Zirkelbach and junior year I pretty much plowed Olivia Swan to the ground as a QB.” Her favorite part of senior year so far has been her decision to get more involved “between Husky Leadership, SAVE, and joining Unified Sports and Rugby.” Caitlin Turner She will miss the teachers as well as the underclassmen friends she has made. “I’d give a shoutout to Mrs. Iverson because she is such a sweetheart. She’s easy to talk to, and she gives great advice.” Caitlin thinks it might be a little hectic during the month of May between all the AP classes she’s taking but thinks overall it’ll go by so fast.  Caitlin said, “It’s so wild to think about how fast these last few years have gone by. I feel like I was just a freshman the other day; playing volleyball back with Sami Ashton and Riley Smith, back in the old building.” She plans to make more friends as she has been doing so already and just make the most out of high school. She is excited to graduate. Caitlin said, “I think I’m ready to leave and experience what college has to offer. I want to continue my education as well as make new friends.” She would like to leave her comfort zone and show everyone what it means to have the heart of a Husky.