New Member of Morgan: Jeanean Cox


Mrs. Cox

Written by Emilia O’Neil | 

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This year, many new people joined our Morgan staff. One of which, Jeanean Cox, is the new office secretary.  Mrs. Cox described that she came to The Morgan School when she said, “for me, it was being a part of the Clinton School District and the academic presence, and the community and atmosphere are very welcoming.”

Mrs. Cox said that “A lot of the teachers and staff have gone out of their way to welcome themselves and the office staff has been extremely patient and helpful.” She added, “Every day is new and interesting. The days have gone very quickly, and it is energizing to be in this new community.”

As an administrative assistant, she claims that “One large responsibility is managing the calls of the usage of the facility because you don’t want to overbook.” She also has responsibility for managing the principal’s schedules. “The team is working on kids coming and leaving. Making reservations for the school is important also.”

Mrs. Cox shared her thoughts on Morgan’s spirit. She said, “I would say, a sense of community is what comes up. It seems like everyone is looking out for one another, and we want everyone’s day to go well.”  She also believes, “People are invested in students succeeding.” She was also impressed with the number of students and staff who participated in Spirit Week. 

Mrs. Cox is a new addition to The Morgan School who becomes more a part of Morgan each day.