Mrs.Mazzarella Inspires Freshmen and Juniors


Written by Noelia Guaricela|
Photo by Noelia Guaricela|
Reporter Noelia Guaricela |

The Morgan School welcomes an English teacher Brooke Mazzarella, who teaches Freshman Course and English 3. However, she is not new to the Clinton Public School system.

Before coming to Morgan, Mrs. Mazzarella worked at Jared Eliot Middle School for 8 years. Mrs. Mazzarella first graduated from Ithaca College where she studied advertising.  She worked in that field until she had children. She didn’t pursue a teaching career until she got a part-time job at Eliot and realized her love for working with kids.

Aside from her love of reading and writing, Mrs. Mazzarella loves marine life. If she had the chance to teach and “work at the South Carolina Sea Turtle Rescue Center ” she definitely would. Mrs. Mazzarella has some very interesting talents too. She can water ski on one ski. She is an avid scuba diver, and she volunteered with the Beluga whales at Mystic Aquarium for a year.

Her goal for this year is to “foster a love for reading, help students find a genre, topic or author that hooks them, encourage kids to express themselves through their writing” while making her classes engaging.