Same Town New Building For Mrs.Chin


Written by Bryce Thomas |

One of the new teachers at Morgan this year is English teacher Kaitlin Chin. Even though she is new to Morgan, she is not new to Clinton because she worked at Eliott for 2 years. Mrs. Chin said she is  “Looking forward to teaching and working with 2 different grade levels I never taught before.” Mrs. Chin said she likes having the freshmen because she just taught many of them in 8th grade. She can now  “help them out as they transition to high school.” 

She attended UConn for 5 years to study English and become an Engish teacher. She loves being an Engish teacher because she can talk to her students about so much.

She said Morgan is different from Eliot because there is a lot of Student freedom at the new building, and students are more trustworthy. She said, at Morgan, “the students are more mature and becoming young adults.” 

Mrs.Chin’s outside interests are running and going to the gym to work out.   She accepted a teaching position at a different school but choose to teach at Morgan because she already knew the students, and she didn’t want to go to a town that she didn’t know.