Procrastination’s Not Worth Your Energy


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Written by Emilia O’Neil and Rebekah Moro|
Photos by Emilia O’Neil|

As a new school year begins, old problems emerge. Procrastination, for one, is a big issue. In school, kids are constantly putting things aside and overwhelming themselves with stress from avoiding responsibilities.

Although procrastinating seems as if it would provide more time, it is not worth the unnecessary stress. Procrastinating leads to cramming which is, unfortunately, detrimental to your success. According to the website StudyRight, ” It’s not just a bad habit. It hurts your grades.”

Recently, some students shared about their experiences with procrastination. All of the freshmen asked procrastinate. Sophomore Olivia Riccio said that she procrastinated her freshman year, and it was very important not to. She believed that if she did her work when she got it, it would make everything easier, and she could have done better.

Morgan offers study halls and other times, like X-Block, to see teachers for help or to work on assignments. If you don’t take a study and you play a sport or participate in a club, it might be tempting to hold off on your work. Don’t wait, just do it! Procrastination isn’t efficient and, according to Morgan graduate Mike Esposito, “just doing your homework quickly to get it done won’t actually help you learn anything” (Morgan Paw Print)

Junior Nick Bussiere had advice for freshmen dealing with procrastination, “If you see your work as a whole, and then break it up into chunks, it would be easier than to cram.” For incoming freshmen (or anyone else for that matter): the next time you have a big assignment try using the advice of an experienced upperclassman, and do it while you have time and energy!