Photos by Ashlynn Leka, Mike Savage, Melanie Coretti, Kyle Suraci, Liam Whelan |
Reporters: Emilia O’Neal, Rebekah Moro|

Written by Ashlynn Leka|

On Wednesday, August 29th, the 2018-19 school year began at Morgan.  The new staff of the PawPrint captured the reactions of the students.

Freshman Ryan Mansfield said, “All upperclassmen and teachers were very friendly and caring.”
Many students were excited about the first day of school but dreaded the new cell phone policy that was put in place. Junior John Fiorillo said, “it went well besides the new cell phone rule.”

Some students were on the other side of having a great first day. Some first days come with a struggle. Freshman Maddie O’Donnell said, “I went to the wrong class period on the first day.” Nori Lopez thought, “It was boring”

Seniors shared some of the events that they are excited about.  Senior John Ingliss is excited about “Senior Privilege”.  Senior John Inglis and Amber Deluca said “Senior Prom,”  and Hunter Khyn looks forward to “Finally turning 18.”

Below are pictures that were taken on the first two days of the 2018-2019 school year.