Let’s Get It Done!!!



Written by Santiago Sanchez |

Patrick McAllister, a student at The Morgan School, is well respected by students and teachers.  Mrs. Chausse, who is fortunate to have Patrick as a student in Junior Honors English also had him in Freshman Course.  Mrs Chausse was impressed with Patrick from the moment she met him freshman year:  “Patrick is a special young man. He is always kind and helpful to his classmates and his teachers.  He never leaves class without a kind word or thank you.”  During Poetry Out Loud this year, Patrick immediately offered his services, running from judge to judge to gather ballots during the competition.

One of the students that made the fencing club possible for The Morgan School is Patrick McAllister. The fencing season ended with a record of 5-3.  Patrick is very proud of his team because it qualified  for states because it was one of the top 8 of 23 teams. As the seventh seat in the tournament, they had to play the second seat which was Guilford, the defending state champion. Morgan’s fencers beat Guilford- 5-3.  When they played Greenwich, they lost  5 -4 .  “Overall this year was a total success,” reported Patrick.  Patrick also plays soccer and lacrosse. Out of all three sports,  his favorite is soccer because he has been playing it with his friends since he was 5 years old. Patrick has been playing varsity soccer since  freshmen year.

Patrick performed in the musical, Once Upon a Mattress. Performing in the musical is one of his passions because he has been doing it since he was in second grade. One of Patrick’s future goals is to be president of the student council. He believes that he would be a great candidate for the president of the student council because as a junior he is the vice president. He knows exactly what the president must do, and he participated and helped organize all of the student council events this year.

Patrick is in the National Honor Society working on its huge fundraiser: the Red Cross Blood Drive. He is a junior that is very committed to his studies and to his school. One of the classes Patrick McAllister likes is AP Biology because he wants to pursue the medical field after high school.  He said “I enjoy doing a lot of disections on sheep brains and pigs hearts, and also Mr. Luther is the greatest teacher ever.” Other classes Patrick liked were freshman and sophomore English because he enjoyed Shakespeare. As a junior Patrick recommends “join clubs and activities because you can meet a lot of new people.”  He also recommends that if you have the option of taking the honors course you should do it because you can always drop to an easier class.

According to Patrick, challenges in life are good, and this is where it all starts.  Whether Patrick is faced with an assignment for his classes, a challenge on the athletic field or a student government project, his attitude matches one of his favorite sayings: “Let’s get it done!”  Patrick is a student who gets it done.