Everything You Want to Know About Prom


Written by Katt Wilkinson |

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Who should pay for the ticket? Him or Her?

The person whose prom it is should pay for the ticket. That means if a junior asks an underclassman, the junior should pay for the ticket. And if a senior asks an underclassman, same goes. But what if a senior or a junior asks someone in their own grade? Then the person who asked that person to the prom should be the one paying for the ticket.  If two friends decide to go together, then each person pays for his/her own ticket.

How much should you spend on a dress?

When I was a freshman and got asked to prom, I was very excited to get a prom dress.  I realized that prom dresses are crazy expensive.  Since it was not my prom, I decided to either borrow a dress  or buy a dress for under $ 100 and  possibly reuse it. If it is your junior or senior prom, you should buy a fancy elegant dress. For junior prom I bought an expensive dress that was a little over $ 200.  For my senior prom, I’m not looking at prices because it is my last prom, and I want it to be the best prom ever. Save your money for the most important prom to you.

What do you do if you find out someone is going to ask you to prom, and you want to say no?

 Nicely say no when they do ask you.

But what if you don’t know how to say no?

1. Find a date right after before they have a chance  to ask you.

2.  Tell a friend of the person that is going to ask you, that you are not interested. This friend will then pass it on.

What if you want to say no to someone who asks you to your face?

Just kindly say no,  but thank you. Tell them you already have a date or someone else in mind.

Is it acceptable to ask a guy to prom?

Of course it is. It should not matter who asks who to prom. If you have someone in mind to ask, then  go for it. Don’t be afraid of what people think and find someone you will have fun with.

What if I am afraid to ask the person I want to take to prom with me? 

If you are afraid to ask, then give a hint to the person that you want them to ask you.

  1. You could possibly send a text and bring up prom. Ask who they are taking or who they want to take.
  2. Ask them in a conversation if they are interested in going.
  3. Bring it up when the person you want to take to prom and you are with a group of people. That might make you feel more comfortable talking about it.

Cute ways to ask a person to prom:

1. Take the girl/guy to a beach and surprise her with prom spelled out in the sand.

2. Take the girl/guy to the beach and put lit candles out on the sand spelling out prom. If you want to get even more romantic, you can put rose petals around.

3. You can make the person cupcakes or cake spelling out prom.

4. If you are a creative drawer with an imagination, write on the chalkboard or dry erase board in a class or a class you have together: Prom?

5.  Bring the girl/guy to a Chinese restaurant  and ask the manager or owner if you could get a fortune cookie that has prom spelled out inside of it.

6.  Write on a white shirt random words with washable marker and spell prom with permanent marker, but make it a lot of words so he/she can’t tell what any of it says; have them  bring it home and wash it. When they wash it, only prom will be left.

7. Leave balloons in his/her locker with one of the balloons saying prom inside of one of them and write a note to say “pop it.”

Do you have any questions or advice to give, please add a comment to this post! Thank you and be safe at prom.