Seniors Take On Six Flags


Video by Sophia Muce |

Written by Sophia Muce |

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On Friday June 8th, the class of 2018 visited Six Flags for their Senior Trip. Students spent the day walking around the park, riding rollercoasters, and eating with their friends. The seniors arrived around 11:00 am and stayed until around 6:00 pm. Senior Matt Newfield was one student who thoroughly enjoyed the trip. “It was fun,” Matt said. “The weather was perfect. I liked the trip.” Senior Bladen Lucas agreed with Matt. “It was a beautiful day,” she concurred.

Senior Grace DeVries had a good time on the trip as well. “It was a great outing with our class. I think everyone really enjoyed it,” she admitted. Senior Mikayla Mancini had a good time as well. She recalled that one of her favorite moments of the trip: “Kate Daley screaming her lungs out on Superman was the highlight of the day.”

Overall, members of the class of 2018 enjoyed one of their last trips together.