Last Year’s Husky Helpers!


Written by Kayla Maloney |
Pictures by Kayla Maloney |

With Husky Helper Day approaching quickly, students expressed how they felt about the success of last years event.

On May 18th, 2012, the students at The Morgan School  preformed various community service acts around the town of Clinton and throughout the school system. “I really liked how all different kinds of kids worked together for the school and community!’ I got to help the students paint the math hallway here at Morgan,”  said Mrs. Shugrue.  Kelsey Orsini and Ronnie Buchetto both went to Eliot for team building during the gym classes! ” My favorite part was participating with the kids in their gym class!” said Kelsey “Playing all the games with the kids and seeing Mr. Rob again would have been my favorite part” said Ronnie. Mrs. Clemente and her group cleaned out the trailer in the parking lot of Morgan, she said ” What I liked most about Husky Helper Day was that I got to know students from Morgan that I have never met!”. Chris Vicino went to Joel school to clean the track field, ” I enjoyed being outside all day in the sunny weather” while Gibson Silva said ” I really liked how we weren’t in class all day!” as he was part of the group cleaning the trails at Indian River Complex.

Last years Husky Helper Day was a success and with May approaching quickly, we are getting ready for kick off!