Coming Soon: Field Day 2018


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Written by Melanie Coretti and Ashley Baldwin |
Photos by Melanie Coretti and Ashley Baldwin |

On June 13th, 2018, The Morgan School will host a field day from 12:15pm to 2:10pm. On that day, students will have an abbreviated class schedule. The day will consist of shortened classes, the three lunch waves, then students will proceed to their advisory.

Some of the activities include Wiffle ball, Kickball, Badminton, 3v3 basketball, extreme lawn games, Tug of War, Water balloon toss, Kan-Jam, drawing with chalk, and Chess.

While many students are preparing for their final exams, students believe there needs to be one last day spent together full of fun. The field day is being put on by Junior Alyssa LeMay, Junior Erin Lindsay, Senior Brett Martin, Junior Caleb Adams-Hull, and Junior Issy Ranaudo.  Alyssa said that Field Day is being held, “to bring everyone together and end the year on a high note.” Alyssa also said, “we wanted to have it so students can relax a little before finals.”

However, there are students against Field Day. There have been rumors of some students planning on going home early, not wanting to participate in any of the activities. Others think students should be reviewing in class instead and preparing for the final exam. Alyssa responded to this saying, “what those students don’t know is that we have activities that aren’t sports based that are fun for everyone.”